A granny flat is a term used for a secondary dwelling on a property. They can be built attached to the main house, or can be a separate structure.
In most cases it’s actually cheaper to create a new building, as it does not interfere with the structure of the house – and this is one of the key reasons granny flats are growing in popularity as a more cost effective alternative to renovation. 

In today’s society, building a granny flat is a very smart investment opportunity. You can add extra room so your family can grow or add some extra income by renting out your granny flat to a tenant. Either way, a granny flat is a great investment. You can choose an attached granny flat which will complement your existing home by adding extra value and space at the same time. An attached granny flat will not only compliment your existing property but it can also create additional income.
If you’ve got plenty of space and are looking to earn some extra rental income, then building a detached granny flat is the perfect solution for you.
A detached granny flat will offer you more privacy and flexibility than an attached granny flat, this option is great for people who want rent out their granny flat to tenants whilst ensuring their own privacy is still a high priority.

 Another key advantage is that these secondary dwellings can be built quite quickly, most going up in around 12-14 weeks.

Why Are Granny Flats So Popular in WA?

Granny flat popularity has grown dramatically over the past couple of years thanks to changes in government legislation which allow for granny flats up to 70sqm to be built in backyards across Perth.

This legislation also allows these secondary dwellings to be leased for rental return, rather than limited to occupation by a relative of the owner.

WA’s escalating real estate prices have further influenced the granny flat trend. With high house prices and rent keeping teenagers and adult kids at home for longer, parents are looking at new ways to help them achieve some level of independence while saving for a home loan.

Other factors include the growth of home-based businesses, live-in nannies and the desire to unlock maximum financial value from the family home.

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A granny flat offers a cost effective housing alternative for:
  • Elderly Family Members
  • University Students
  • FIFO Workers
  • Home Office
  • Nannies / Au Pairs
  • Newlyweds
  • Teenagers Retreat
  • Guest accommodation / Airbnb
  • Games Room
  • Renting
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Why Build a Granny Flat?

Our Products

At The Granny Flats Warehouse we build superior granny flats and room extensions at affordable prices.

Designed to offer a high standard of comfortable accommodation, they blend well aesthetically with most WA homes.

All of our granny flats and room extensions are fully constructed on site, adhere to the Building Code of Australia and come with a structural and service warranty.

Granny flats and room extensions can be built on a concrete slab or raised timber flooring to engineer's specifications.

All walls and ceilings are insulated.

The internal lining to walls and ceilings is Gyprock.

A range of external cladding options is available.


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